Our Proposed Projects

Proposed operational and Strategic depots in Dukem

Dukem depot project (DDP)

EPSE plan to build new depot at Dukem with total capacity of 300,000m3. Dukem Depot will be the biggest in capacity compared to the existing depots in the country and it will be the first to store and handle aviation fuel. Demand of petroleum products increase each days due to the construction and economical growth of the country.

Project Description

Dukem Depot Project (DDP) planned to be located at the existing allocated plot size area of 100,000m2. DDP consists of 12 product storage tanks with capacity of 25000 m3 each tanks, rail wagons unloading stations and facilities, truck loading and unloading bays and the associated facilities.

The proposed products to be served are Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO), Gasoline (MGR) and Aviation Fuel (JET-A1). These products are to be received through both rail wagons and truck tankers. The product will be distributed through truck tankers.

Dukem depot will also be the first depot in Ethiopia to reserve and supply aviation fuel (Jet-A1) product with a storage capacity of 50,000 m3. This assures the strategic reserve of petroleum for airplane. Since the products are delivered through rail wagons it plays a role by minimizing transportation (fuel) cost, road maintenance cost and environmental pollution.

Our Future Investments
  • Diredawa Depo’t Project
  • AKakai kalit 2B+G+14 Building and Fuel Retails Project


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