Ensure sustainable supply and maintain strategic national petroleum products reserve that meets the country’s demand.


To be a reputable company in East Africa by supplying petroleum products to the local market and neighboring countries with competitive price as well as  quality.


The objectives for which the enterprise is established are:

  1. On the basis of assessment of the country’s demand, to supply petroleum to distribution companies by importing clean products  and by importing and processing crude oil;
  2. To forecast, maintain and administer the required national petroleum reserve and, based on instructions of the government, supply petroleum products from the reserve;
  3. To build its own petroleum depots within the country and, as may be necessary, in neighboring countries; and to invest in companies operating petroleum depot facilities
  4. To engage in any other related activities necessary for the attainment of its objectives


  • Team Spirit
  • Responsiveness
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Stimulating innovation
  • Ethical behavior
  • Safety
  • Environmental and Social responsibility
  • Diversity and Participation
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