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Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise is a nationally registered public enterprise with a major mission of supplying refined petroleum products to the country. The enterprise had been established in 1967 GC as ‘' Ethiopian Petroleum Association Company" to import and refine crude oil by its own refinery. As the crude oil refined by the company was not satisfying the then requirement,refined product was imported to fulfill the balance.

The enterprise has been serving the country for the last 50 years with various names, structuring and accountability but with similar mission – Supply of sustainable refined petroleum products to the country. It has been the sole importer of refined petroleum products since its establishment. It is also responsible for the administration of strategic petroleum reserve and establishment of petroleum reserve depots.

The refined products are mainly purchased through open international tenders and are imported via Djibouti. However, a portion of Gasoil and Gasoline are purchaesd directly from Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and  Sudan Petroleum Corporation respectively. Aviation fuel is fully imported from the State of Kuwait. In both cases, periodic negotiation  is conducted on premiums based on the bilateral agreements Ethiopia has made with the two countries.

Petroleum Products imported via Djibouti are distributed to oil marketing companies working in Ethiopia at Horizon Terminal, Djibouti while the gasoline imported from Sudan is distributed to the companies at Khartoum through Nile Petroleum Company's Al Shagara terminal.

EPSE has got 13 strategic reserve depots throughout the nation. As the volume of refined petroleum products supplied by the enterprise and the expense thereof is increasing from time to time, the enterprise is working to increase the number of petroleum depots on the one hand and improve the existing capacity and function on the other.

Recently, expansion project is completed on the existing Awash petroleum reserve depot so as to increase its capacity and improve the delivery service.The Depot is expected to serve dual function very soon: storing strategic petroleum reserve and serving as an inland terminal which can receive refined products from train wagons and distribute them to the oil companies. A similar depot but with a bigger capacity is also going to be established at Dukem near to Addis Ababa.

Taking additional assignment from the government, the enterprise also imports Steam coal for steel, cement and ceramic factories working in Ethiopia.