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EPSE imports More than 2.88 million MT of refined Petroleum Products

EPSE planned to import 3,103,288 Metric Tons of refined petroleum products in the last 9 months (July 2021 - March 2022). The performance shows 2,885,270 Metric Tons of refined petroleum products imported


EPSE imports 1,941,765 MT of refined petroleum

EPSE planned to import 2,043,605 Metric Tons of refined petroleum products in the last 6 months (July 2021 - Dec 2021). The performance shows 1,941,765 Metric Tons of refined petroleum products


The Enterprise awarded certificate of recognition

The Ethiopian Society of Mechanical Engineers presented the certificate of recognition to Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise for its contribution as a copper sponsor of the 25th Jubilee Conference of the Society.


Message from CEO

Welcome and thank you for your time and interest to visit this informative website of The Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise!  

Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) is a public entity responsible to import petroleum products commensurate to the demands of the nation. 

Our enterprise has been serving the nation for the last 56 years with different names and structuring.

Always striving to improve services and accessibility, we are trying to use every means to reach the people nationwide so as to fulfill their demand for petroleum products on the one hand, and we are trying to create better accessibility to our clients and potential business people   worldwide.

It is therefore, my pleasure to welcome you and all our website visitors and people having interest to our enterprise. Your Valuable support and feedback encourage us and add energy to our success.  

Please take a moment to look at the contents of our website for any information you may desire concerning our enterprise's products, services, news, tender information and employment opportunities.

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